Below are links to pages that contain photos of all the railroad signals along the route of Amtrak's Coast Starlight. They are arbitrarily numbered starting in Los Angeles and continuing to Seattle. Connecting lines are indented.

Map: Amtrak routes, Coast Starlight in Blue

On each page, you will see a description such as this:

043 South CP CO406 Oxnard

  • 043 is an arbitrary number to keep the photos in order.
  • South indicates the photo is looking in the southbound direction.
  • CP CO406 Oxnard is the name of the interlocking. Intermediate signals are identified by their number rather than a name.

Most of the photos were taken in 2002 and 2003. This collection depicts the signals as they were at time the photos were taken.

001-029 Los Angeles
........Los Angeles to Riverside (via BNSF)
030-072 Santa Barbara
073-117 Gaviota
118-162 Guadalupe
163-206 San Luis Obispo
207-249 San Ardo
250-293 Salinas
294-326 San Jose
........San Jose to San Francisco (Coast Line)
326-361 Mulford - Oakland
........Newark to Elmhurst (via Niles)
362-390 Martinez
391-430 Sacramento
........Marysville to Keddie (Feather River Canyon)
431-469 Chico
470-512 Redding
513-551 Dunsmuir
552-592 Black Butte
593-637 Klamath Falls
638-682 Crescent Lake
683-721 North Cascades
722-761 Eugene
762-805 Salem
806-835 Portland
836-862 Vancouver
863-901 Centralia
902-934 Tacoma
935-941 Seattle

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