Feather River Canyon

(Marysville to Keddie)

On March 23rd, 2003, Amtrak's southbound Coast Starlight was re-routed from Klamath Falls, OR, to Marysville, CA, via the BNSF Inside Gateway and the Feather River Canyon. These photos are from that trip.

On each page, you will see descriptions such as this:

467 North CP F240 Pulga

  • 467 is an arbitrary number to keep the photos in order.
  • North indicates the photo is looking in the northbound direction.
  • CP F240 Pulga is the name of the interlocking. Intermediate signals are identified by their number rather than a name.


431-466 Binney Jct to Pulga
467-499 Pulga to Keddie

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