Railroad signals are placed at regular intervals along a railroad line. They display colored lights to indicate to the engineer whether the track ahead is clear or whether he needs to slow down or stop.

The links at right lead to complete collections that show every signal along the given route. The LA to Seattle section alone has over 1,000 photos.

So why did I take all these pictures? Well, because I enjoyed the journey.

Now please keep in mind, I have shared my photos for your own personal enjoyment. This presentation of photos is in no way official and I am NOT affiliated with any railroad or railroad related company.

Los Angeles to Seattle (Coast Starlight route)

Los Angeles to New Orleans (Sunset Limited route)

Los Angeles to Chicago (Southwest Chief route)

Los Angeles to Riverside (via BNSF)

San Jose to San Francisco (Coast Line)

Newark to Elmhurst (via Niles)

Marysville to Keddie (Feather River Canyon)

Seattle to Everett (Empire Builder Route)

Mojave to Caliente (Tehachapi Pass)

Chicago Area


Miscellaneous Signals

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