Most of these photos were taken from the back of Amtrak's Pennsylvanian in 2011. The photos of the New York to Washington Line were taken from the back of Amtrak's Crescent in 2008.

New York towards Pittsburgh is considered westward. Philadelphia towards Washington, DC is considered southward, beginning at the Penn interlocking.

On each page, you will see a description such as this:

2014A North Penn (106L 60R)

  • 2014A is an arbitrary number to keep the photos in order.
  • North indicates the photo is looking in the northward direction.
  • Penn is the name of the interlocking. Intermediate signals are identified by their number rather than a name.
  • (106L 60R) are the lever numbers of the signals (in the foreground, left to right). This information is not available for all signals.
001-055 Altoona
1001-1007 Harrisburg
2001-2014 Philadelphia

New York to Washington Line through Philadelphia

Sections in Pennsylvania photographed are in blue:
Map of the sections of the  Sunset Limited Route photographed.

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