Chicago to Los Angles

These photos were taken from the back of Amtrak's Southwest Chief on January 13-14, 2010. Three sections of the line were photographed as shown on the map below.

On each page, you will see a description such as this:

1138 East Canyoncito

  • 1138 is an arbitrary number to keep the photos in order.
  • East indicates the photo is looking in the eastward direction.
  • Canyoncito is the name of the interlocking. Intermediate signals are identified by their number rather than a name.

001-049 Chicago to Aurora (via Metra)
049-080 Mendota

1001-1079 La Junta
1080-1169 Lamy
1170-1215 Albuquerque

Los Angles to Riverside

Sections of the Southwest Chief Route photographed are in blue:
Map of the sections of the  Sunset Limited Route photographed.

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