What is red over yellow (About the Site)

What does red over yellow mean?
When a railroad signal displays a red light above a yellow light, it signifies to the engineer his train is taking the diverging route through a switch and must be ready to stop at the next signal. This is a common signal for a train entering a side track or crossing over to another track.

Rule 239, Diverging Approach. From Southern Pacific Western Region Timetable 3, effective October 29, 1989.
Why did you name the site red over yellow?
1) The domain name was available and is easy for people to remember (yellowoverred.com also points to this site).
2) Red over yellow is a reference to railroad signals, and there are a lot of railroad signal photos on this site.
3) The indication of red over yellow is named diverging approach, kind of my philosophy towards life.

Who runs this site?
I do. This is my own personal site, and I created it to share my photography with everyone. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. The photo below is from the Badlands in South Dakota.

Eric in Badlands SD

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